Monday, 16 June 2008

Alex and Andy's Birthday

Hi YAs!

This week it is both Alex and Andy's birthdays!

In order to celebrate, this Tuesday, 17th June, we'll be going to dinner at:

Kolbeh Restaurant
LEVEL 1, 332 Military Rd,
Cremorne, 2090

Be there by 7.30pm.
So far the carpooling is as follows:
In 1 car: Alex, Andy, Eric and Tim
In 1 car: Katie, Andrew, Aaron, Matt and Sally.
In 1 car: Bren, Lucy, Ben and Jacqui.

It is your responsibility to contact who you are going with and what time to be picked up and where!

See you all at the restaurant at 7.30pm!!

1 comment:

Screwtape said...

So, in the "Alex, Andy, Eric and Tim" car, whom do I need to contact, and how?