Monday, 23 February 2009

Fish n Chips

Hi guys,

This Wednesday 25th Feb, the YAs are going to Dee Why for a fish and chip dinner.
Be at Lucy and Bren's by 7pm, and we can sort out carpooling there (if you would like to make your own way to Dee Why and meet us there, then that's fine. The address is 'Seafood at the Beach', 12A The Strand, Dee Why)
Cost: Should be less than $20
What to bring: A frisbee/vortex/ball etc, a picnic blanket or chair if you like.

Please be at Lucy and Bren's by 7pm, or we may leave without you!

If you would like more info, feel free to call me on 0401 432 905

Have a great day,



Jacqui said...

Im so sorry but I cant come I have an interview with Rebel Sport at that time...Maybe next time.

Sal said...

no worries Jack, good luck with the interview!!